“NBA Changed All the Rules so Michael Jordan Could Dunk”: Isiah Thomas Remembers how The League Changed Its Ways to Promote Marketing Around MJ!

NBA rivalries have the potential to last longer than entire playing careers. There doesn’t seem to be any way to bury a hatchet when there is as much animosity as there was between Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas.

For a variety of reasons, the two celebrities never spoke to one another. Jordan’s main motivation was probably getting hacked by Thomas and his friends during the installation of the “Jordan Rules.” Isiah’s fury was further inflamed by a potential exclusion from the “Dream Team”.

Their relationship also did not fare well after the “Last Dance” documentary’s premiere. Their competition and animosity played a significant role in the narrative that carried the documentary ahead.

Since then, a number of incidents of Isiah airing his interpretation of their unclean laundry have come to light. Another alleges that the NBA altered its rules to take into account His Airness’s capacity for flight.

Isiah Thomas claimed that the NBA changed how fouls were ruled for Michael Jordan.

The term “soft” is frequently used by former NBA stars to describe the league today. Isiah Thomas shares a similar viewpoint, but he attributes some of the transformations to Michael Jordan.

By mentioning the blows exchanged in the paint and how Jordan’s ascension to the position as the NBA’s face drove changes to the league as a whole, Thomas illustrates how violent the game was. An incensed Zeke claimed that the league tried to block Jordan’s path to the hoop because they were aware of his quick hops.

You all wanted him to win when we played, I see. You all altered the rules so that he could triumph. I walk down the lane and get kicked in the**. You witness Kurt Rambis being knocked to the ground by Kevin McHale. Dr. J is visible flying on Bird. The game was being played in this manner. Bob Lanier was punched in the face by Robert Parish after he smacked Bob Lanier with a fist. But he is immune to blows! Zeke stated how Jordan made the game “soft” by saying, “So we’re going to tweak all the regulations so he can dunk.

Thomas continued by stating that the league’s desire to promote Jordan’s famous dunks was a major factor in the alteration in the way the game was played.

Over time, referees have become far more forgiving about the awarding of fouls and the punishment of defenders for contests and box outs. And for good cause, as it is unquestionably necessary to protect the players. However, the older generation frequently adopts a tone in which it is treated as something that will spoil the game.

Jordan being singled out by Isiah as the cause of the same in a bad manner is additional proof.

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“There’s a lot of motherf**king something in there” spoke Isiah about his beef with Jordan.

Isiah has obviously not taken lightly what Michael Jordan mentioned in the documentary “The Last Dance.” The villainization of Zeke and his Pistons undoubtedly sowed more ill will between the two former NBA champions, from labeling him and his team “thugs” and “undeserving champs” to “Dream Team” jokes.

Before the Bulls were NBA champions, Thomas and his Pistons had thoroughly beaten them. It was impossible to ignore the anger the Pistons had against Jordan and company. And all hatred likely emanates from such rage and humiliation hurled at them.

Over the years, Isiah and Jordan have both gone to ridiculous lengths to criticize one another. Frequently, and also in a very infantile way. It might be time for both celebrities to move on and let their long-running feud play out in the background once.

The NBA modified all the regulations so Michael Jordan could slam dunk, as Isiah Thomas recalls in “NBA Changed All the Rules So Michael Jordan Could Dunk”


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