“LeBron James Can’t Do What I Do,” Says Kwame Brown, Who Is Grateful for His Failure in The NBA for An Unusual Reason!

Given that Kwame Brown was given the opportunity to play for Michael Jordan’s squad as a rookie, he is most likely the NBA’s biggest flop. The best chance MJ had to play in the NBA for a third time was to enter the league two years before LeBron James, the top pick in the 2001 Draft.

Similar to James, Brown entered the league right out of high school, but all the hoopla subsided before ‘The Chosen One made his appearance in 2003.

The 6ft 11 center from Georgia who, as a senior in high school, averaged nearly 20 points, 13 rebounds, 6 blocks, and 2 steals per game was unable to maintain even half of those numbers for more than a year in the NBA.


Nevertheless, he managed to play in the NBA for 12 years, and he has already been retired for 10 years. And it seems that Brown is grateful for his failure rather than regretting being a bust.

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Kwame Brown Feels Relief About Not Being as Famous as Le Bron James

Even with Michael Jordan’s support, Kwame Brown was unable to consistently score more than 10 points a game during the course of his brief 12-year NBA career.

James is still striving to be the best player in the league and the greatest scorer of all time, which he will be if he plays a few more games, and is averaging close to 30-point games in year 20 while scoring 50-point games at age 38.

However, Brown is relieved that he was a failure since he does not want James to attract as much attention as he does.

LeBron James, 38, is the NBA’s most in-form player ahead of kids in their prime despite being declared “WASHED”

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James Has Had a Second Hall of Fame Career Since Brown S Retirement

What’s more, before Kwame Brown retired, LeBron James, who entered the NBA two years after Brown did, won two titles and numerous other honors. That was a rather impressive resume for a Hall of Fame career.

The King continued to play for a further ten years, earning two more rings and countless other honors to add to his already impressive résumé. Kwame would have had a career that was at least as excellent as James’ if not greater if he had handled MJ’s bullying correctly.



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