Le Bron James Has Named His Top College Choice for His Son “Brony James,” Which Is a Clear Example of Nepotism!

One of the most accomplished athletes in the world is LeBron James. The 38-year-old Lakers superstar is well-known around the world and has made great strides both on and off the court. LeBron becomes a billionaire on his own, starting from nothing. Bronny James, Bryce Maximus, and Zhuri James are his two sons; he also has two daughters.

Being the son of one of the greatest basketball players put pressure on his son Bronny from the moment he was born. Bronny, who was a high school athlete, has developed into one of the best athletes in the country.

Bronny has a number of college offers up his sleeve and is now ranked number 34 nationwide. He hasn’t yet made a commitment to any of the schools, though. Recently, Bronny revealed his Top-3 locations, and his father, LeBron James, elaborated on each.

LeBron James, 38, is the NBA’s most in-form player ahead of kids in their prime despite being labeled “WASHED”

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Le Bron James Makes a Bold Statement About Bronny James and His Future

LeBron James is a highly involved father when it comes to Bronny and his future. He has visited numerous colleges with his son and is likely hoping Bronny will fulfill his collegiate ambition. The ultimate objective is to join Bronny in the NBA, though. Considering that he made the information public, many colleges would have been unwilling to extend an offer.

Bronny currently has three offers from colleges. However, LBJ discussed Bronny’s interest in Oregon in a recent interview with The Oregonian. Regarding Oregon’s head coach Dana Altman, Bron remarked,

James claimed Dana is aware.

He is aware of it. And it’s reciprocal.

He then went on to make a fairly haughty statement.

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I believe Bronny can attend any college he chooses.

I simply need to pick up the phone. Bronny is qualified to go there if he decides he wants to.

Basketball Forever (@basketballforever) shared a post.

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NBA Twitter reacts to LeBron’s statement

It goes without saying that you can say things like these and actually get away with them when you’re one of the greatest names in sports. However, a lot of people found this to be offensive.

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NBA With regard to Bron’s statement, Twitter wasn’t too pleased. It demonstrated how he might take advantage of his wealth and influence to go and seize opportunities from people who might not have the same advantages.


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