Dwight Howard Hated the $198 Billion Sportswear Company that Was Promoting the NBA Finals!

When all is said and done, Dwight Howard is probably going to be in the NBA Hall of Fame. Dwight had won a championship, three DPOY awards, and everything else.

His refusal to allow the world to witness what could have been the greatest NBA Finals is possibly his most remarkable achievement. a contest between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

The buildup was incredible; after the Celtics denied him his fourth championship, the NBA’s reigning king, Kobe Bryant, was on his way to reclaiming what should have been his.

But another “King” was also starting to emerge. King James, who was leading Cleveland to the finish line, wanted to make it to the Finals a second time. And everyone was eagerly awaiting a duel, but an Orlando center had other ideas.

In 2011, following his demoralizing loss to Dirk Nowitzki and company in the championship game, Dwyane Wade hired a black belt martial arts trainer.

“I’m glad I ruined it!”: Dwight Howard expresses frustration on $198 billion sportswear brand’s advert

The alleged “Kobe vs. LeBron” finals had an amazing buildup. Nike, a sportswear company with a $198 billion market valuation, even ran a series of extremely well-liked advertisements.

Dwight Howard

They were referred to as puppets. And these advertisements really incensed Dwight Howard. When questioned about the veracity of the advertisements, he responded, “I’m pleased I ruined it,” in a podcast.

He talked extensively about how angry he became while viewing those. Orlando Magic was absolutely discredited by Nike. Dwight was not interested in any of it.

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Howard leads the Magic as they dismantle LeBron James and the Cavaliers

Dwight would record a monstrous stat line of 25.8 points, 13 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks per game as the Magic would triumph 4-2.

Nike can put an end to this fairytale after months of labor were wrecked by one player. What a great performance. LeBron James was prevented from making it to the NBA Finals by Dwight Howard, who was in his prime.

Few players can make that claim. However, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers ultimately outclassed Dwight and the Magic. They would triumph 4-1.


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