steve Kerr Yells at $140 Million Jordan Poole to End the Third Quarter Against the Cavaliers!

Tonight marked the end of the Golden State Warriors’ productive five-game road journey. Any of us can say it for the first time this season. The Bulls beat the Dubs, the Bulls beat the Dubs, the Wizards beat the Dubs, the Dubs blew a game to the Celtics, and the Dubs fought back to win tonight. The Warriors’ road record has improved from 3-16 to 6-18 since they started the trip. For tonight’s improbable victory over the Cavaliers, Jordan Poole was the driving force.

The Warriors proved that they were capable of playing solid team basketball even while they were without Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. With 32 points, Jordan led the squad tonight after stepping up.

Poole, though, got into a heated argument with head coach Steve Kerr following a dumb error he made. To find out what happened, read on.

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Steve Kerr Was Infuriated by Jordan Poole

 Steve Kerr

Jordan Poole extended his contract with the Warriors for four years and $140 million during the offseason. The Warriors made this significant commitment as a means to thank him for his efforts in helping the team win the NBA Championship in 2022.

Poole played 40 more minutes tonight despite playing 43 yesterday night. Thank goodness, I’m 23. That implies that he also makes some stupid mistakes, though. The Warriors had control of the ball with 7.1 seconds remaining in the third quarter. When Poole shoved off a Cavs player and committed an offensive foul, they were ready to inbound the ball.

Coach Steve Kerr was irate over this. He was screaming at Poole and utterly disgusted by what he had seen.

Kerr made it clear to Poole that he wasn’t happy with what he observed.

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Nba Twitter Reacts to Kerr Yelling at Poole

NBA Twitter witnessed what Poole did, and they can now see why Steve Kerr was furious.

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