Scottie Pippen When Asked About His Absence from Michael Jordan’s Space Jam, Said, “I Was Injured.”

In the 1996 box office sensation Space Jam, Michael Jordan starred in the Looney Tunes against the monsters. But there was a pretty significant absence from the movie. The list of legends who appeared in the movie did not include Scottie Pippen, who served as Michael Jordan’s on-court partner in real life.

When questioned about it years later, Pippen would have a simple response. The legendary Bulls player admitted that he was injured during the time of filming, which took place during the postseason.

Michael Jordan Against the Monsters

One of the few sports films that have had a lasting impact on basketball culture is Space Jam. A staggering $250 million would be made off of the movie worldwide. That sum makes it the most successful basketball movie of all time.

It continues to be a beloved and frequently-cited film, so its impact goes beyond numbers. The LeBron-starring sequel from 2021 failed to recapture the magic and disappeared into thin air.

In order to help five NBA players rediscover their talent, Michael Jordan aids the Looney Tunes in defeating the monsters in the movie. In the decisive game, MJ seals the victory with a buzzer-beating dunk.

After the evil monsters are vanquished, Jordan decides to play basketball once more. The cast of the movie featured legends like Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing.

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Scottie Pippen Was Mysteriously Absent from Space Jam

His colleague Scottie Pippen was a notable absence. Pippen’s absence was glaringly noticeable. When discussing Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen must also be brought up. Jordan’s sidekick Pippen was on the three-peat-winning Bulls squads. It’s difficult to imagine the Bulls being as dominant without Scottie.

Scottie Pippen

Jordan and Pippen were a legendary team. Pippen’s absence, therefore, confused viewers when the movie was released. After some time, the mystery would be solved. Pippen would put the situation to rest by admitting to being hurt at the moment and informing TMZ.

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The six-time champion was busy rehabilitating when the movie was being made because it was the off-season. The truth turned out to be quite pedestrian, as with most conflicts. There was no hidden hostility or ego conflict.

Pippen has courted controversy after retiring with his claims of being ignored, but there was no such undertone in this case. In Space Jam, Jordan played the role of a lone hero. It makes sense in a fantasy movie. But in reality, Jordan required Pippen.

Scottie Pippen was the Dream Team’s MVP once surpassing Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, according to a former Wizards All-Star.



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