Magic Johnson 6’7″ Lakers Legend Felt the 1992 NBA All-Stars Avoid Physical Contact Once He Learned He Had Hiv

Magic Johnson had a horrible year in 1991. Even though he was still producing some of his best basketball of all time, the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan eliminated him from the NBA Finals. As Magic Johnson prepared for a fresh campaign, bad news arrived. Johnson had a blood test done for insurance purposes, and the results revealed that he had HIV.

Magic Johnson had to leave the NBA due to circumstances. The sickness carried an excessive amount of stigma. a lot of gamers were also concerned that Magic could spread the infection through sweat.

Johnson was still a legend of the game even after retiring. The NBA added him to the Western Conference team because of his significant impact and the pressing need to raise awareness. Johnson discovered a sense of anxiety permeating the locker room, in contrast to his dominance over the league before the diagnosis.

Magic Johnson Sensed the Allstars Avoiding Touching Him

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Magic Johnson

Many athletes initially opposed Magic Johnson from taking part in the All-Star game. After Johnson’s diagnosis, Charles Barkley offered his support. But even he acknowledged that having a retired player participate in All-Star weekend was unfair.

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Despite the murmur and mute protestations, Magic ultimately took part in the match. However, he encountered some unpleasant looks and unsettling conduct when he went inside the West’s locker room.

” When he walked into the West locker room on AllStar Sunday, it was loaded with familiar faces: Clyde Drexler, Chris Mullin, Karl Malone, David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Otis Thorpe, Jeff Hornacek, Dikembe Mutombo, Dan Majerle, Hardaway, and Worthy. Yet something had changed. He was a visitor, not a regular. And, he feared, he was also a bit of a curiosity. After a decade of playing the role of the most dynamic personality in the room, suddenly Magic was the hesitant one. The salutations when he entered the room were cordial, but awkward. Nobody jumped up to embrace him, and only a couple of players offered a handshake. He was a guest at his own party. “Everybody was a little hands-off,” Magic conceded. “You could sense it.” “The tension was unmistakable,” David Robinson recalled. “It was a scary time. Players had gone behind Magic’s back to get him out of the All-Star Game. They were afraid. They didn’t know.”

Johnson played for the Dream Team in 1992

When the Game Was Ours, a book written by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, revealed:

Magic Johnson eventually participated on the Barcelona Olympic team after his All-Star participation. He joined perhaps the best basketball team in history.

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Without exerting much effort, the Dream Team took home the Gold Medal. The fact that an athlete with HIV played for a team with such a stellar roster was groundbreaking. He was welcomed with wide arms by Team USA. The results of their actions paved the way for awareness.


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