Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Almost Bought This Pirate Ship-Themed Mansion for $13.5 Million

Kobe Bryant is well-known in Laker lore. We might even say that he ACTUALLY IS the Laker mythology. Kobe was a legend whose name will always be associated with the NBA’s most illustrious team; his name was worth its weight in gold.

Even if the name is connected to real estate, the previous assertion is accurate. Yes, if there is a costly property, and you only state, “Kobe Bryant nearly bought it once” or “Even Kobe Bryant couldn’t purchase it.”

At the very least, the interest of the potential purchaser will be aroused. And when an agent wanted to sell a house, he did just that. a $13.5 million home that Kobe wants to purchase? Why wouldn’t purchasers want to know more?

Kobe Bryant and His Wife Vanessa Bryant Wanted to Buy a Sprawling $13.5 Million House

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant had recently gotten married and decided they wanted to buy a home soon after Kobe’s second championship victory.

What better way to commemorate your life and marriage than to buy a Coto de Caza property worth $13.5 million? Not much, we guess, but for anyone to distribute such large sums of money would be a difficult task.

Kobe Bryant

It was a large (14,000 square feet) house, but it also had a lot of quirky features that we don’t think the Bryants particularly liked.

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The House came with An Eccentric Pirate Theme

Everything was there, including a home theatre, billiards area, and copper and wood ceiling. Additionally, it included 12 baths and 9 bedrooms.

However, it featured a theme park-type setting with odd attractions like a lookout tower and an entertainer’s tent that made it seem a touch off-color.

Additionally, it had a private lake with a private ship and other decorations that gave the impression that it was a water park. The proprietor was odd.

Kobe and Vanessa backed out, citing professional reasons. They ultimately purchased a different property for less than one-third of the cost.



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