“Kobe Bryant Scared the Living S**t out Of Me,” Stephen A. Smith Says About how The Lakers Legend Got Too Defensive About Criticism!

There aren’t many people who can say they have a really high basketball IQ. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Chris Paul, and of course Kobe Bryant are a few names that immediately come to mind.

Kobe may have been the only basketball player with as much passion and enthusiasm for the game. The Black Mamba had a complete obsession with the game and was constantly trying to learn more about it.

But he disliked being tested, especially by those who had not reached the pinnacle of the game. Stephen A Smith was rendered speechless when he last commented on Bryant’s game because of this.

Kobe Bryant Once “scared the Sh*t” out Of Stephen a Smith After the Analyst Said Something He Didn’t Like

One of the most reputable sports experts is Stephen A. Smith. The man expresses his opinions and then deals with the haters, detractors, and irate athletes.

Even he, though, has moments when he regrets what he has spoken. particularly when they involved Kobe Bryant. In one of his past interviews, Stephen A described how getting a call from Kobe “scared the sh*t” out of him.

Smith told Howard Stern the tale while also paying respect to the late legend. “May Kobe’s soul rest in peace. He now frightened me. I was terrified to death by Kobe. He was a genius. Kobe Bryant was more knowledgeable than you were about basketball. Therefore, I may paraphrase Kobe Bryant when he phoned you to complain. I really do miss him. I can give you a quote from him right now.

Voicemail. This person is known to you, motherf**ker. Pick up the phone, get your ass up, and give me a call. What you just said is nonsense. Also, don’t hold me up. Before you talk to me, your a** better not go on the air and say something else.

That day, Stephen A undoubtedly discovered that the Black Mamba possesses a dangerous bite. unsuitable for live TV testing.

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Stephen A Smith did not include Kobe in his Top 5 players of all time

Without a doubt, Kobe Bryant is among the all-time greats. Despite his fondness for the Black Mamba, Stephen A. Smith did not include him in his list of the Top 5 players of all time.

Kobe was defeated by LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, and Michael Jordan. Strong list, but many will find it problematic.

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Stephen A. Smith recalls how the Lakers legend became overly defensive in response to criticism in the article “Kobe Bryant scared the living s**t out of me.”


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