John Wall Remembers that Russell Westbrook Texted Him About His Trade!

In Washington, John Wall is a well-liked personality. For ten years, franchise players John Wall and Bradley Beal worked together to devastatingly successful results. They were inseparable and got along like wood and fire.

Because of their mutual trust, they both received the best discounts at the same time. Long after changing their moniker from the Bullets to the Wizards, Washington still held a pair of “bullets” in their hands. They battled the Boston Celtics head-to-head at one point, and everyone could see the magic.

And then one day, when Wall made the decision to be a letdown and make gang signals on a leaked private video, everything changed.

John Wall Was Traded to The Houston Rockets – He Found out About the News via A Text Message

John Wall possessed a wealth of prestige, notoriety, and financial resources. But like his predecessor Gilbert Arenas, he lost his house due to a bad influence and a fleeting error in judgment. Only this time, he pretended to be a part of the widespread issue of gun ownership rather than bringing a gun into a locker room.

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis took issue with Wall and his actions seen on camera. Even though he insisted he hadn’t hurt anyone, the harm had already been done. After the Guns incident, the Wizards were finally on their way home, and they didn’t want another scandal to derail their goals.

Inside chatter sometimes precedes trade rumors, but this time the rumor originated there. Wall received an unexpected contact from Russell Westbrook, who was in Houston at the time and wanted to know if there had been any talk about him. Wall was surprised because he had no plans to leave, so it came as a surprise.

He had no idea the owner wanted to get rid of him. He had devoted ten years to the business and was prepared to devote many more.

That year, John Wall had recently lost his mother and was himself healing from a serious injury. His birthday party was intended to lift his spirits because his life wasn’t all sunshine and roses. He thought he was just acting silly, but his employers saw him as a negative influence.

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Wall disconnected after his world had collapsed – he was peeved that he got booted in such a fashion

He didn’t throw his toys out of the crib even after Westbrook told him the news. Wall, the consummate professional, resumed his education. Even the Wizard’s owner showed up at the camp where he was present. Wall claims he did it in order to conduct a news interview, during which numerous lies were spoken.

“If this is the last time I wear the Wizards jersey, I won’t do it,” he said when asked to take pictures for media day. He believed that by disrespecting the jersey, he was doing it harm. Nevertheless, he managed to survive, and two days later, he notices his name listed on a news scroll.

He had been expelled from his house, and the act was complete. The city was in utter despair as Westbrook arrived to replace Bradley Beal. They were losing a hero who was not just a great basketball player but also a good person.

Imagine spending a chilly, wintry Christmas distributing 2000 Wizards’ gifts to the populace rather than being with your family. John Wall was indeed engaged in the activity just before being fired. The Wizards’ front staff was never pardoned by the crowd for taking their hero away from them.

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When a fan implored him to stay, he responded, “At some point, it is out of my control.” Business. Wall was merely a victim in what has always been a business-driven game of basketball.

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