John Cena Height: Is The 16-Time WWE World Champion Taller Than “The Rock” Johnson?

The Rock” Dwayne Johnson and John Cena, who controlled the world in their respective heydays of professional wrestling, are without a doubt WWE’s biggest superstars. The two superstars symbolize various WWE eras. The Rock was the leading contender for the Attitude Age, but John Cena emerged as the face of the PG era. Due to their comparable career trajectories, comparisons between the two superstars are frequent. The Great One made an important contribution to WWE during his brief tenure, even if he did not stay in the wrestling business as long as John Cena did because of his Hollywood ambitions.

In 2002, The Brahma Bull started working part-time as he was pursuing his dream of acting in Hollywood. The Rock paved the way for modern wrestlers who are also acting aspirants. John Cena, in contrast to The Rock, remained persistent with his profession in the WWE for a long time. The Cenation’s leader celebrated his 20th year with the business last year, in 2022.

Cena, like the Rock, adopted a similar path and went on to become a Hollywood actor; he now only sometimes makes an appearance on WWE TV. Cena last participated in SmackDown’s final episode of 2022. WWE fans have compared the two illustrious stars for many years. Although The Rock is listed as being 4 inches taller than Cena, their height is one of their most glaring differences.

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Is John Cena taller than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson?

We wrestling fans are aware that there are many secrets in the wrestling industry. However, the emergence of social media has made kayfabe shaky over time. Most of the secrets that were never meant to be revealed are now known to us. The wrestlers’ exaggerated listed heights are one of those secrets.

The Rock’s height is specifically the subject that receives the most online discussion. The People’s Champ was listed as 6 feet 5 when he made his WWE debut. It turns out that The Rock allegedly employed shoe lifts while competing in order to give himself the benefit of seeming large enough to compete against taller superstars.

His claimed height was disproved over time once he encountered wrestlers who had been introduced with a lower claimed height. The Rock and John Cena faced off in a news conference during their historic feud.

Surprisingly, John Cena seemed to be the Great One’s shortest rival by only half an inch. It’s important to remember that John Cena’s height was listed as 6 feet 1 inch. That demonstrates that John Cena may be on par with The Rock in height, if not an inch shorter.

John Cena Apologized to The Rock for Judging Him for Jumping from WWE to Hollywood

The Rock and John Cena were in a power struggle throughout their infamous feud, which lasted from 2011 to 2013. At the time, Cena was still a full-time employee of WWE, whilst The Rock had returned on a part-time contract. Cena poked fun at The Rock in a plot line for leaving WWE for Hollywood.

John Cena

Fast forward a few years, and John Cena continued the Rock’s legacy. The principal actor from The Peacemaker is now a legitimate Hollywood performer. Remembering the plot, Cena acknowledged to The Gorilla Position in 2018 that he had made a mistake in judging The Rock.

“I’m sorry; I was in error. The best I can do is that. […] This is a very difficult act of balancing, and when I called Dwayne out, I did so because of his ignorance. declared Cena.

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Is sixteen-time WWE World Champion John Cena taller than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?


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