What Is Peyton Manning’s Record in The Playoffs? How Many Wins Does “The Sheriff” Have?

Peyton Manning, one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, led his teams to a number of memorable postseason victories and set a lot of records.

One of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL was Manning. He had the knowledge required of a franchise quarterback, the ability to air it out as far as you wanted, and the tenacity and competitiveness to lead any team to victory.

The Indianapolis Colts, the team that selected him first overall, were where he first saw success. With wideouts Marvin Harrison and then Reggie Wayne, Manning forged one of the AFC’s most powerful teams of the 2000s.

Under Manning’s leadership, the Colts would triumph in a Super Bowl, defeating the Chicago Bears 29-17 in the 2006–07 campaign. Unfortunately, a neck injury prevented Manning from finishing his career, reversing the gains he had achieved with the squad. Indy decided to go younger and passed on Manning in favour of Stanford’s Andrew Luck.

As wonderful as Manning was, he would succeed right away in Denver, his new city. Manning simply possessed too much talent to coach a lousy squad, and he continued to perform well even after suffering a serious neck injury.

Manning oversaw an offence that set every conceivable record in 2013. The Broncos set the record for the most points scored in a season with 606 points, and Manning set a record with 5,477 yards and 55 touchdown passes. In the Super Bowl, Seattle’s Legion of Boom limited this offensive powerhouse to 8 points, but Manning wasn’t done.

Peyton Manning playoff record

Manning performed well when it mattered, even in his weakest season as a starter. In 2015, the Bronco’s defence was so strong that Manning only needed to play a calm and routine game. That’s exactly what he did as “The Sheriff” rode off into the sunset with a Super Bowl victory as the Broncos won the game.

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Peyton Manning Playoff Record: How Many Postseason Wins Does Peyton Manning Have?

27 playoff games have been played, and Peyton Manning has a superb 14-13 record.

14-13 may not seem like a particularly good record at first, but winning postseason games in the NFL is difficult, especially when you only have one chance to beat a team each postseason.

It’s even more astounding when you realise that Manning ranks third all-time in NFL quarterback victories with 14 victories. Tom Brady, 35, and Joe Montanna, 16, are the only two people in front of him.

Manning has participated in a number of memorable postseasons matches, most notably one against Brady’s opponent. One of the best quarterback rivalries in NFL history, if not the best, was between the two of them.

This featured the Colts’ thrilling 38-34 victory in the AFC Championship game during the 2006–07 season.

Also in 2016, the Broncos defeated the Patriots by a slim margin of two points in the AFC Championship game, sending Manning back to the Super Bowl for the final time.



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