Sonya Curry Jokes to Draymond Green’s Trash Talkers, “We’re Taking You on The Road! ” By Offering Them Tickets to Warriors’ Away Games!

The act of igniting hatred has a certain allure. Anybody who is competitive will tell you that it inspires them. It incites people. Therefore, they can become enraged when supporters heckle players. James Harden and Kobe Bryant have both shared tales with us. But this time, Sonya Curry and Draymond Green were also involved.

Yes, that does sound a little odd. How did a player and the mother of a teammate end up in a verbal altercation? That did occur during an away game, though.

Thanks to the heroics of Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole, the Warriors prevailed in their most recent game against the Washington Wizards. Aside from these two and their recent scoring surge, Draymond Green also contributed. He scored 17 for the game!

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Sonya Curry Chimes in And Wants to Take Draymond Green’s Trash Talkers on The Road

Draymond was yelling at spectators on the sidelines, which is why he was so hot. Green recorded the following stats: 17-6-10.

Even the two supporters posted the footage to social media. We are all aware of Green’s penchant for insults. He is possibly one of the last few players still playing that enjoys reading their opponent’s mind.

 Draymond Green’

Draymond became enraged at the supporters, and the Power Forward let them feel his wrath. Given their poor road performance, the Golden State Warriors needed this victory badly.

In fact, Sonya Curry, Stephen Curry’s mother, who was present, praised them for their accomplishments. “We’re taking you two on the road,” she added.

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Draymond Even Gave Them a Shout Out

Even at the news conference following the game, Draymond mentioned the two hecklers. He remarked about how it increased his offensive zeal.

Warriors supporters will be hoping that the two fans’ competitive spirit and enthusiasm for trash-talking have finally put an end to their travel problems.

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