“If You Foul Allen Iverson that Way Again There Will Be Consequences”: During His MVP Season “Mad Max” Had Teammate Ai’s Back!

In the NBA, physical abuse from opponents is nothing new. The stories of schemes devised to physically thwart superstars date back to the infamous “Jordan Rules.” And Allen Iverson wasn’t exempt from it either.

As a result, teams frequently sign or make moves to acquire “enforcers” for superstars to take out opponent bruisers.

Famous “enforcers” that come to mind are Charles Oakley, Dennis Rodman, and Udonis Haslem.

The Philadelphia 76ers followed the script and made sure that their star player had an enforcer. As a kid at Philly, Allen Iverson was already making quite the splash. The 76ers had also decided who they wanted.

In front of Dave Chapelle, Charles Oakley punched a 6-foot 11-inch Pistons player for disrespecting Michael Jordan.

A. “Mad Max” Vernon In the league, Maxwell had developed a solid reputation for being a hard man. Maxwell had also made a name for himself as a co-star the big names coveted.

Maxwell brought the “forcing” skills the Sixers needed as well as a championship mindset from his time playing alongside Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson, and other players of a similar caliber.

Vernon Maxwell Threatened an Opponent with “Repercussions” for Fouling Ai

Even though Maxwell only had a one-season contract and was signed at the tail end of his career, there was proof that his work was done properly.

During a bruise in 2000–01, Allen Iverson told how “Mad Max” had his back. On his enforcer’s podcast, AI was a guest and reminisced about how Maxwell had shielded him from the harsh men of the competition.

Allen Iverson

“I can’t place the person. However, all I can recall Vernon saying to the man was, “Look, don’t do that again. because he’ll cover my fine. So, if you treat him badly once more, there will be consequences, AI recalls, pretty vividly too, of a “Mad Max” experience.

As Maxwell put it, the franchise player had to be safeguarded, even on his own. Furthermore, given Vernon’s standing in the league, it was inevitable that the threat would be taken seriously. The veteran’s advice was undoubtedly appreciated by the opposition, and it could be argued that AI benefited from the “enforcer’s” presence.

After then, I don’t suppose anyone breathed on me again, AI said to wrap up the story. The Sixers wished they had Maxwell earlier and for a longer period of time to lengthen Iverson’s prime since he was undoubtedly not someone to be trifled with.

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Mad Max Was Suspended for 10 Games During His Rockets Tenure for Punching a Fan.

Unsurprisingly, Maxwell’s reputation preceded him. You should not cross somebody who came up eight rows of seats to punch a heckling fan.

As a basketball player, Maxwell had the most success when playing for the Rockets. And yet, there were a few blemishes on the resume.

Maxwell was heckled by a fan on a low-scoring night, and what happened next was unparalleled. The fan was unaware when the footballer approached him and nonchalantly punched him in the face.

The supporter claimed that he was merely making light of the Rockets guard’s subpar play. But according to the player’s story, his wife’s recent miscarriage was made fun of. Obviously enough to make any man’s blood boil if the report is accurate. This was evidence, though, of the erratic tempest that Maxwell was. A warning sign to any adversary hoping to enrage him.


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