Michael Jordan Once Took This Tnt Host to Meet Jay-Z After Just One Prompt!

You can bet that Michael Jordan has the contacts. A person whose name is so unrelated to the sport he plays that the first person who comes to mind when basketball is spoken is the legendary Chicago Bulls player.

With such a broad repertoire, you have access to individuals in a wide range of verticals. whether it be in music or politics. This was discovered in an unexpected way by one ex-NBA player who is currently hosting TNT.

Imagine that all you need to do to meet your favorite hip-hop musician is say his name. That would resemble a scene from Aladdin, right? It absolutely did happen for Jamal Crawford, and Michael Jordan is to blame.

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Michael Jordan Once Called up Jay Z for His Newly Made Friend Jamal Crawford

You might be wondering how on earth Michael Jordan and Jamal Crawford could be pals. Before Crawford was even selected for the team, MJ was a fan of his play. And when the Bulls selected Crawford in 2000, the trainer Tim Grover arranged a meeting between the candidates.

Michael Jordan

Since then, Jamal has accepted MJ’s invitation to play pick-up games, and their friendship has grown closer than ever. Growing up, Crawford, an MJ lover, described the experience as strange. And how he met Jay-Z thanks to their bond.

One of the hip-most hop’s recognizable names, Jay-Z, is not the easiest person to get in front of. But for Michael Jordan, it came naturally.

“That kind of led to me meeting Jay-Z,” Crawford said. Imagine becoming so close with Michael Jordan that you say, “Hey, I want to meet Jay-Z,” and he replies, “OK,” and he arranges it in that way. It was incredible.

Yes, all it took was a single phone call.

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Jamal Crawford Is Now TNT’s Latest Host

a team that is always growing, Jamal Crawford was just added to Inside the NBA on TNT. The three-time sixth man of the year winner and former NBA veteran joins players like Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Dwyane Wade, and Candace Parker.

Jamal’s observations as an analyst are remarkable. He frequently demonstrated a keen sense of observation and made clear to the public how well he understood the game. He will undoubtedly contribute to the TNT crew’s roster of jovial and upbeat characters.

Furthermore, the presence of two of Michael Jordan’s friends in the cast would make him happy.

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