“End of Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Love?”: Disappointed Bucs Fans Are Leaving the Stadium in The Middle of The Cowboys vs. Bucs Wildcard Game!

No matter how devoted a fan one is, one can only endure so much pain. You might not want to watch it all the way through while your team is savagely losing a game that is unquestionably important for your season.

This appears to be exactly what is going on as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered a lopsided loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Fans have already begun leaving the game in support of Tom Brady and his team with more than ten minutes remaining.

Social media is ablaze with videos of spectators leaving the stadium in large numbers, with the Buccaneers team bearing the brunt of the criticism. One cannot blame the supporters because the Buccaneers have not put on a performance that compels supporters to watch the game through to the end. especially their great quarterback Tom Brady, who hasn’t been able to match his game-winning performance from his New England Patriots days.

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Fans Disappointed with Tom Brady and The Buccaneers

 Tom Brady

Watching Bucs supporters abandon their own stadium in the middle of a game is a terrible sight. It is a marvel they even lasted that long, given the kind of thrashing their team has been taking all night. On Twitter, some supporters made fun of the Buccaneers’ bad luck while others simply showed their dislike for the game.

The Buccaneers haven’t performed well enough to earn a spot in tonight’s divisional round. Instead, their performance throughout the season did not even merit a place in the playoffs. Especially Tom Brady, who has been held accountable for the Bucs’ poor season. For the majority of this season, it appeared that his performance in games was impacted by personal problems. which resulted in a cost to the Bucs.

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He didn’t do a particularly good job tonight either. Despite having passed for more yards than Dak Prescott of Dallas, he has only completed 33 of 61 passes and has even thrown an interception. The fact that the interception occurred in the Cowboys’ endzone makes it all the more heartbreaking. What might have been a touchdown didn’t turn out to be one. Fans would have been severely affected by such events.

The Buccaneers won’t back down from this. With only a few minutes left in the game, the Cowboys’ 31-14 lead seemed to be insurmountable at this time. Dallas supporters can rejoice and anticipate playing the San Francisco 49ers the next week.


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