Why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Shawn “Michaels” Were Always so Angry with Each Other!

It goes without saying that The Rock and Shawn Michaels will be at the forefront and centre of any image you have in your head of the Attitude Era. Although there has never been a bout between the two wrestling legends, there once was. However, because of the rivalry the two athletes had in real life, the match was never held. Shawn Michaels was a well-known artist prior to the start of the Attitude Era. It’s a sure guarantee that HBK was a favourite of Vince McMahon’s. The Amazing One was a rising wrestler at this time, thus he wasn’t so great.

Shawn Michaels allegedly had some creative control over the project, and he supposedly gave it up to ruin The Rock’s career. But despite Michaels’ resentment of The Rock, the latter continued to succeed and carve himself a famous career in the years to come. A recent indirect reference to Chad Frost, a stand-in for Michaels’ character who did all in his ability to thwart The Rock’s success, was made on The Rock’s TV show Young Rock.

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Real-life hostility between the two professional wrestlers dates back to a time when Shawn Michaels was working a bout for The Rock’s maternal grandmother’s business in Hawaii and The Rock was still a youngster. According to reports, HBK insulted The Rock’s grandma throughout the performance, which enraged The Rock.

The Rock’ Johnson

According to sources, Shawn Michaels and Triple H sought to endanger the Great One’s career by disparaging him to Vince McMahon when the People’s Champ made his WWE debut. However, Vince disregarded Michaels, and The Rock rose to fame.

In 2000, HBK caught The Rock with a powerful superkick during a session between Triple h and The Rock. It’s important to remember that Shawn Michaels took a break at this time. The Rock confronted HBK backstage after being unhappy with the stiff kick, and the latter reportedly warned him that if he couldn’t take a kick, he had no place working in the business.

The two got into a fight as a result of this. Before others got involved and broke up the fight, The Rock had Shawn Michael held down. Bret Hart, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, claims in his autobiography that Shawn Michaels pleaded with Vince McMahon to make The Rock forfeit the IC Championship to Bret Hart. Hart, though, insisted on a win by DQ because he would not concede the contest.

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Why Did the Dream Match Between the Rock and Shawn Michaels Never Take Place?

Shawn Michaels was facing personal demons and managing a severe lower back ailment at the height of The Rock’s career in the middle of the Attitude Era. Due to this, Michaels declared his retirement from professional wrestling in 1998.

However, The Rock was a part-timer and on his way out of the industry to pursue his Hollywood career when HBK made a historic comeback in 2002. Chris Jericho, a legendary wrestler, said in an interview that after Shawn Michaels made his comeback, the organisation sought to promote a plot involving The Rock and Michaels, but The Brahma Bull rejected it.

Today, the two men have patched things up and are now amicable. Due to their contentious past, fans regrettably never had the opportunity to witness the real-life fire between the two greatest wrestlers of all time. But happily, The Rock and HBK came to the conclusion that life is too short to harbour resentments.



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