Tracking Le Bron James’s Points: When will the Lakers Star Score? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Has 38,387 Points!

How far is LeBron James from breaking Kareem Abdul-record Jabbar’s and when will he achieve it? Everyone’s mind is always wandering to this question. The good news is that it won’t be much longer than that! You can keep track of LeBron James’ scoring with the aid of our scoring tracker.

LeBron will pass Kareem in just 25 days, according to the scoring tracker from Only 399 points separate the Lakers star from the record.

If the King keeps up his career average of 27.7 points per game, he will pass the inventor of the Skyhook on February 9 against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Le Bron James Scoring Tracker Says It Is only 25 Days Till He Breaks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Record

This accomplishment has been long overdue. LeBron is achieving a historic feat. It hasn’t been broken in the past 40 years because of how sturdy it is. Nearly.

Before LeBron was even born, Kareem passed Wilt in 1984 as the previous time it happened. This is a once-in-a-generation occurrence.

LeBron James Scoring Tracker

The likelihood of this happening again is, to put it mildly, nil. The only other person who could possibly get there? Maybe Kevin Durant However, he is short of Kareem’s record by around 12,000 points, and it would take him at least another 6-7 seasons to surpass it.

In addition to pushing the limits, LeBron has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

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The Miraculous Longevity of LeBron James

When you reach year 20, you have reached maturity, and your only purpose in life is to serve as a mentor for the younger generation. LeBron not at all. This season, the star player for the Lakers is averaging a mind-blowing 29 points per game. 38 years of age!

LeBron James Scoring Tracker

He still has 12–16 games left before he surpasses that mark. Here are the five games where he is most likely to break it, according to our estimation.

  • February 4: at New Orleans Pelicans
  • February 7: vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
  • February 9: vs. Milwaukee Bucks
  • February 11: at Golden State Warriors
  • February 13: at Portland Trail Blazers

James has been in excellent shape, and it’s likely that he will finally break through against the Milwaukee Bucks, a team that Kareem himself played for.

Watch our LeBron James score tracker since we’ll be closely monitoring the historic occasion and updating it frequently.


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