Shaquille O’neal Pays Off His Bet with Ernie Johnson by Eating Fried Horned Toad Legs on Inside The NBA!

Shaquille O’Neal and the Inside The NBA team has had a very exciting week. The Georgia Bulldogs vs. TCU Horned Toads NCAA Championship game was the topic of conversation last Thursday among the crew. Ernie Johnson, a devoted Bulldogs supporter, was gushing about his team’s chances to win two consecutive NCAA Championships.

Shaquille O’Neal desired a little bit more fun, as was to be expected. He made a wager with Ernie that if TCU lost the championship game, he would consume Horned Toads on live television.

In the Finals on Monday, the Bulldogs destroyed the Horned Toads 65-7. Shaq came to Instagram to own up to his bet and congratulate Georgia after realizing he had lost.

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Shaquille O’Neal finally eats Frogs on National TV

Shaq attempted to settle his wager on TNT Tuesday after losing on Monday. However, he made an effort to get by bringing chicken rather than frogs. Adam Lefkoe exposed him to the same behavior. O’Neal said in front of Ernie that he will devour the frogs on Thursday after being tipped off.

In any case, Ernie Johnson made sure Shaq paid his obligations on Thursday. A plate of fried frogs was brought in to begin the broadcast. Shaq effortlessly consumed the first one. To eat the legs and the second frog, he reached out for the sauce. Shaq urged the camera to zoom in as he finished his frogs and remarked,

These frog legs are tasty! I’ve never had better frog legs than these!

O’Neal needs to quit placing these ridiculous bets, even though it made us giggle. They might come back to bite him and his health one day.

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Shaq once bet Charles Barkley $10,000 to spell a word

Pretty simple, still 10 feet to the rim. Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry Describe playing in a football stadium while the Spurs try to set an NBA attendance record.

O’Neal is accustomed to placing ridiculous wagers. Even without considering which team he supported, he wagered Jimmy Fallon on the outcome of the Super Bowl. Shaq once placed a $10,000 wager on Charles Barkley to spell the word “fantastic” on Inside the NBA.

To everyone’s great astonishment, the Round Mound of Rebound triumphed in the contest. He may have made $10,000 more money, but he never forgot to acknowledge the value of his Auburn education.


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