“le Bron James Is Very Childish!” the Lakers Say This Right Before Their Game Against Luka Doncic’s Mavericks.

LeBron James is currently in carry mode. Given that the Lakers have once again lost Anthony Davis to injury, how could he not be? Naturally, the player is sick of losing in one of his last successful seasons in the NBA.

Of course, the man can occasionally become a little agitated with his colleagues during this stretch. Who among the NBA’s regular winners wouldn’t be, after all?

As a result, he was probably a little anxious about what his teammates might say when asked to sum up him in one word.

But all that came out of their tongues was a fairly startling response.

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LeBron James s teammates call him childish while running down a tunnel

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LeBron James has frequently appeared in the media these days as being really serious. And to be honest, it’s not surprising given how much the Los Angeles Lakers and he have been the targets of this season.

But contrary to what you may anticipate, it seems that mentality doesn’t apply to his time spent in the locker room.

In reality, he was described by his teammates as being quite the opposite kind of person.

Of course, a few players would always refer to him as the GOAT. but insensitive?

However, the more we consider it, the more logic it seems to make.

Taco Tuesday!

The man does, after all, have a very well-known favourite day of the week that even has a catchphrase.

LeBron James certainly seems to enjoy Tuesdays. And there is just one and only one cause for that.

The dude is obviously engaging in the type of infantile conduct that everyone enjoys.

In fact, it gives us a craving for tacos as well.

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