“Kevin Durant Will Be Tested for Drugs for That”: NBA Twitter Is Talking About Markieff Morris and “Slim Reaper’s” Handshake!

The Brooklyn Nets are currently enjoying their best regular season run in franchise history thanks to Kevin Durant. For the first time since the franchise’s foundation, they recently achieved a string of 18-2 victories. Given how much pessimism there was regarding the roster over the summer, this is very surprising.

Durant made news during the previous offseason when he advocated for the dismissal of both Steve Nash and Sean Marks in addition to demanding a trade out of Brooklyn. He would finally back out of his request for a trade, though, and join the Nets for the start of their 2023–24 season.

It looks as though the Nets players never took it personally against KD despite all of the controversies from the summer. Given how brilliantly the Nets have been playing lately, they welcomed him with open arms and did so by putting their egos aside.

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Kevin Durant and Markieff Morris S Handshake Goes Viral

One of the most important components of a championship-contending team is chemistry, and the Brooklyn Nets appear to have an abundance of it. They appear as content as they possibly can throughout this run of victories for them, both on the field and in the stands.

Kevin Durant

This has been greatly accelerated by Kevin Durant, and it is understandable why. The remainder of the team will be upbeat if the group’s leader is feeling upbeat. He casually attempting to establish a new handshake ritual with Markieff Morris at shootaround is the ideal illustration of this.

The handshake is a little provocative, though, as KD appears to be rolling a joint and placing it behind his ears. In actuality, this concludes the handshake. Morris does the same thing again. Although it’s a strong handshake, NBA Twitter believes that KD and the company will soon be subject to a drug test.

Kevin Durant getting Drug Tested Is Highly Unlikely

In the scenario described above, Kevin Durant getting a drug test is obviously a joke. Even if it weren’t, it would never happen because of how handshakes work.

The NBA will not conduct random drug tests on players to check for the presence of marijuana in their systems for the third consecutive season. The NBA won’t test anyone while marijuana is still illegal since there isn’t a compelling reason to do so.



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