What is the Former WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon’s Net Worth in 2023?

Recently, Stephanie McMahon’s resignation as WWE Co-CEO sent shockwaves over social media. After Vince McMahon returned and joined the WWE Board of Directors, the choice was decided. Stephanie has made the decision to leave her post now that her father is returned. The Billion Dollar Princess announced the surprising news on her Twitter account. Even though Stephanie McMahon has since left WWE, her wealth still places her among the richest women in the country.

Stephanie shares her father’s reputation as one of the most recognizable figures in professional wrestling. She was formerly a wrestler for WWE, served as the organization’s Chief Branding Officer (CBO), and is currently a former Co-CEO. Here is a brief overview of Stephanie McMahon’s net worth, taking into account all of her duties both inside and outside the ring.

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As of January 2023, the Net Worth of Stephanie Mc Mahon Is Around $150 Million

Stephanie McMahon has a 2.5% ownership stake in the WWE, giving her 4.5% voting power. She has also held the position of CBO for WWE, as was mentioned above. She earned more than $2 million a year in that position.

Additionally, Stephanie used to occasionally appear on television. In addition to all of that, Stephanie McMahon, co-CEO and chairwoman of WWE, is expected to have a net worth of over $150 million by the year 2023. She actually ranks among the wealthiest American women.

Stephanie McMahon Net Worth

Stephanie’s fame extends beyond the WWE. She was really enshrined in the International Sports Hall of Fame last year. Not to mention the four times she has received the accolade of being one of the Most Powerful Women in Cable.

The 46-Year-Old Recently Resigned as Co-Ceo After an Excellent 8-Month Tenure

Stephanie McMahon Net Worth

Stephanie McMahon made the announcement that she will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from WWE in May of last year. She had been the company’s Chief Branding Officer at the time. She was invited back, though, after Vince McMahon resigned as CEO in the wake of the hush money controversy.

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In actuality, until January, she and Nick Khan served as Co-CEOs of the company. Stephanie did, however, send out a tweet on January 11 announcing her departure from the position. Despite the fact that she describes herself as a follower of WWE. The outgoing Co-CEO said her goodbyes to the WWE community in a lengthy statement.

However, Stephanie is talented in whatever she does and will be successful in anything she puts her energy into. However, there is currently no information available regarding what The Billion Dollar Princess plans to do going forward.



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