Why Does Stetson Bennett Continue to Compete in Collegiate Football? List of NFL Starting Quarterbacks Younger than The Georgia Quarterback

Georgia’s quarterback, Stetson Bennett, has led the team to two consecutive national titles in college football. However, the standout Georgia player is a bit older than the average college football player.

The 25-year-old feels much older. Bennett is younger than most NFL players, who typically have at least a few years of experience under their belts by the time they turn 25, but not this time. He has instead played for all four years of college.

I don’t understand how a 25-year-old can be a college athlete.

According to, college football players have five years to play four years. Bennett, however, has made the most of the extra year the NCAA gave him because of COVID.

Due to the COVID epidemic, he red-shirted (opted out of) the 2020 season, giving him six years of eligibility instead of the usual five.

Few athletes have reaped the benefits of playing an extra year of college football, but none have done so as spectacularly as Bennett, who won his second and final college football title with a victory over TCU.

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