Charles Barkley Once Broke Down in Tears on National Television and Exclaimed, “I Owe Basketball Everything!”

One of the most well-known basketball figures in existence right now is Charles Barkley. And it’s not because he was outstanding when he was playing. No, it’s because of how hilarious he is on TNT’s Inside the NBA as one of the panelists. His followers simply can’t get enough of him.

He obviously received the position with TNT as a result of his tremendously successful NBA career, though. In fact, he can also thank basketball for his astounding $60 million fortune.

Barkley has a lot to thank the sport for, to say the least. And he once started crying about it when appearing with Jimmy Kimmel.

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Charles Barkley Thinks the Sport of Basketball While Being Live on Jimmy Kimmel S Late-Night Talk Show 

One of the biggest NBA fans is Jimmy Kimmel, according to rumors. Naturally, he jumped at the chance to have Charles Barkley appear on his show.

Charles Barkley

The man made the decision to question the Chuckster about his recent basketball pick-up during the broadcast. And the talk that followed was heartfelt enough to make you cry.

Watch the YouTube video down below.

When he says he stopped playing because his body couldn’t take the punishment any longer, in particular, there does seem to be a tinge of sadness in his voice.

But time is so terrible, as we all know.

But hey, Charles Barkley at least got a very entertaining gig out of it. And it’s one that enables him to regularly engage in some amusing brawls with another NBA star.

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Shaquille O Neal and Charles Barkley could T Even Stop Bickering on Christmas Day

Holidays are a time for giving. Even the fiercest rivals will put aside their differences and try to put the past behind them just so they can share in the joy.

But it seems like even that isn’t nearly enough for Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal.

Here is evidence to that effect from Christmas Day recently passed.

Whatever the hour, wherever the location. Fans can count on this funny pair to be constant.



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