The Lions’ Draught Positions for The 2023 First Round Are Now Determined.

After such a thrilling climax, it’s hard to think that the 2022 Detroit Lions season has ended. From a 1-6 start, the Lions came back to finish 9-8, capped by a 20-16 road victory over the Packers in the NFL’s regular-season finale.

The Lions were eliminated earlier in the day when the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Los Angeles Rams in overtime. That settles Detroit’s draught position for the foreseeable future.

As a result of the Matthew Stafford for Jared Goff exchange, the Lions have two first-round selections. As a result of this defeat, the Los Angeles Rams now have a 5-12 overall record. The Rams obtained the sixth overall pick as a result of their devastating loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl LI.

The Lions’ next selection will come at No. 18 overall, six picks after the current one. Both Detroit and Pittsburgh finished with a 9-8 record but were eliminated in the first round. Since the Lions and the Steelers tied in wins and losses, the Lions had to settle for the 18th overall pick.

When it’s their turn to pick in the second round, Detroit will select at No. 49. Because of the T.J. Hockenson trade, the Lions also have the second-round pick that the Vikings originally had. If the Vikings advance in the playoffs, they might lose the No. 60 overall pick that they now have.

The highest possible pick is 56. In the second round, all picks will be moved up one spot because the Dolphins lost their first-round selection due to tampering.

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