The Buffalo Bills Win Their First Game Following Damar Hamlin’s Heart Arrest.

A heartfelt 35-23 victory over the New England Patriots at Highmark Stadium marked the Buffalo Bills’ first game since Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest.

Nyheim Hines, a running back, set up a playoff game against the Miami Dolphins with two incredible scores, one from 96 yards out and the other from 101 yards out, on kick returns.

The nine minutes since Hamlin’s heart stopped during Monday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals have seen some positive improvement, but he is still in critical condition.

Every last bit of it was for him. “I’m glad it happened to me, but his soul was there with us,” Hines added.

The first time since Cincinnati, I’m at a loss for words, I thought to myself as I crossed the goal line. I’m glad I’m the one bringing that juice, but it’s bigger than I am.

To paraphrase, “I think that victory was really important for our community. We could have used some positive momentum. We have to come out on top here.

After Hines scored the game’s first touchdown directly off the kickoff, Hamlin tweeted “OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and later attributed the victory to “God Behind All This No Coincidence..”

Following their loss to the Bills, the Patriots are no longer in the running for the Super Bowl, and the Green Bay Packers 20-16 loss to the Detroit Lions means they will also lose out on the playoffs.

The Philadelphia Eagles advance as the No. 1 seed in the National Football Conference, while the Kansas City Chiefs do the same in the American Football Conference.

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