Stephen Curry’s Parents Sonya and Dell Curry used to “Vet” His First Dates Before He Could Meet Them!

The Golden State Warriors chose a player in 2009 who is arguably the best in the history of the team. The 7th overall choice went to Stephen Curry.

Steph was Davidson University-trained and an expert marksman. Something he learned while living with the Curry family and being taught by his father Dell.

Basketball practice was only one of many things that were unique to the Curry family. Other practices had been a little more embarrassing. similar to how Steph’s parents carefully screened all of his dates. It’s true, as embarrassing as it may sound.

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Stephen Curry Had to Introduce His Parents to His Date and Her Family Before Going Out

Stephen Curry’s

For most young individuals, high school is one of the best years of their lives. Little to no responsibility, free time to spend with friends, and for many, the chance to date.

Stephen Curry also experienced this. The four-time NBA champion largely led a typical American adolescent life. However, things were a little different when it came to dating.

Steph confessed that his parents used to screen his dates before he was allowed to take them out in an interview with Graham Bensinger.

“Old school…that was the situation. I had to pick the right girl and obviously know her whole backstory before I initiated that process. So I’d say,” Before we go to the movies…I need your parents to come over to the house…just sit down with my parents and have a talk. We’re a very welcoming and warm family and they just want to get to know you. That’s all!”. So we skipped a lot of the middle ground before the whole “Meeting the parents”. That was step one.”Safe to say Steph must have had some pretty embarrassing dates growing up. Especially considering he had to introduce his date to his parents before actually going on a date.

Steph Once Appeared in A Burger King Ad with His Dad

keeping Steph and his family in my thoughts. It’s difficult to forget that Stephen Wardell Curry was well-known long before he even took the court in an NBA game. He did, after all, appear in a Burger King commercial with his father, Dell.

There is no disputing how unique Steph’s bond with his family is. particularly his bond with his father. Something he is modeling for his own children and something he hopes to emulate.

But we really hope he doesn’t pass along his dating customs from the Curry household to his offspring.


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