Belal Muhammad Makes Fun of British UFC Champion Leon Edwards by Posting Iconic Photo of Muhammad Ali!

Belal Muhammad is one of the top welterweight competitors in the UFC. He has eight straight victories and is eagerly awaiting a title shot. Muhammad is eager to demonstrate his abilities to the world, despite the fact that it is doubtful that he will face Kamaru Usman or Leon Edwards for the title very soon at UFC 286.

While waiting for a title chance, Belal Muhammad recently turned to Twitter to attack his old rival and current welterweight champion Leon Edwards.

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How did Belal Muhammad taunt Leon Edwards with a picture of Muhammad Ali?

As was previously mentioned, Belal Muhammad tried to make fun of his former rival Leon Edwards on Twitter. The welterweight contender for the UFC uploaded the famous photo of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston.

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However, he substituted his own face for Ali’s in the image, and Edwards’ face for Liston’s. He also added the caption “I’ll show you how awesome I am” to the picture. It is logical to assume that Belal Muhammad wants to fight Leon Edwards in order to make amends for his mistakes from their prior encounter in 2021.

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Did Leon Edwards Beat Belal Muhammad?

Leon Edwards, the current welterweight champion of the UFC, and Belal Muhammad share a long relationship. Both of them engaged in conflict in March 2021. It should be noted that Edwards was making his first appearance in the octagon in over two years. But the fight ended in a really unpleasant way.

Edwards accidentally jabbed Muhammad’s eye during the second round of the fight, and blood immediately began to ooze from it. As a result, the ringside doctor gave the referee the go-ahead to end the contest. As a result of an unintentional eye poke, the fight was stopped and declared to be no contest.

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Even after the fight, it was reported that the two will square off once more. The rematch, however, never took place, and Leon Edwards eventually won the UFC welterweight championship. Muhammad is currently rated fourth in his division.

Do you guys anticipate Belal Muhammad receiving a title opportunity soon? What do you think of his post?

Belal Muhammad mocks British UFC champion Leon Edwards with a picture of Muhammad Ali that is iconic.


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