Michael Andretti’s F1 Venture Was Supported by Cadillac After a $600 Million Contract Fell Through!

The biggest buzz in Formula One right now is not even related to Michael Andretti. The American racing tycoon has long sought to enter the most technologically advanced motorsport with his business Andretti Autosport.

The top names in F1 are unwilling to split the profits with him, therefore he can’t obtain their unanimous approval. So far, the eleventh-team entry has been a flop.

But on Thursday, he stunned the whole F1 community by announcing a joint bid for an entry with GM. They intend to form a group called Andretti Cadillac Racing.

Given the size of the offer in the context of the American sports industry and their desire to seize any chance to expand their presence there, F1 probably won’t be able to pass it up.

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A Mammoth Deal Break; Michael Andretti Brought a Cadillac


Andretti knocked on every door before persuading GM to join their scheme. Forbes claims that he was even willing to sign a $600 million contract with Sauber in order to enter the sport smoothly.

However, the transaction ultimately fell through because the Swiss team refused to cede the authoritative rights. By the end of 2022, Sauber had guaranteed Audi 75% of their stakes in exchange for $450 million, according to Joe Saward.

 Stephen Curry

Over a three-year period, the aforementioned Audi will buy 75% of the stakes. The remaining stakes would be with Sauber and starting in 2026, they will jointly operate a team using Audi’s engine.

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Cadillac Always Wanted to Be in F1

This announcement is historic for GM. They would be entering international motorsport for the first time. They have long considered competing in Formula One, but a number of obstacles have prevented them.

GM President Mark Reuss said, “At one point, GM, we would have loved to have entered Formula One.” The leadership, the available funding, the location of the company, and the state of the economy all had a role in why it was difficult to accomplish that.

The FIA and F1 must now approve the bid for it to move forward. Ben Sulayem, President of the FIA, is cheering for Andretti to enter Formula One as the 11th team because he wants to see the competition grow. The only parties required to accept the all-American bid are F1 teams.

This arrangement is ideal for F1 executives. They are promised the hottest American Indycar phenomenon by the largest American team and automobile manufacturer. What else could they possibly need to interest American viewers?



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