“Tom Brady Is a Very, Very, Very Expensive Trophy…”: Former CEO Couldn’t Understand Why Brady Got a $375 Million Broadcast Deal!

Network companies were recently on a spending binge. Broadcasting firms invested a total of $1 billion in 2022 in an effort to secure valuable faces that may raise their ratings. And while the majority of them came with rather reasonable fees, one contract—$375 Fox’s million deal with Tom Brady—shocked the NFL world. John Skipper describes that as an error.

In May 2022, the former ESPN CEO, who retired in 2017, made an appearance on “The Dan Le Batard Show.” He said that the contract Fox handed Brady had little economic value when questioned about it. He is an extremely expensive trophy. Since it was the only spot available and they were purchasing a trophy, they do appear to have been bidding against each other.

I believe he’ll do OK during the game. Other than for pride, it doesn’t really matter that much, and he’ll probably shake hands with advertising anyhow. I would have responded “no.” That is neither essential nor a wise use of $37.5 million, in my opinion. For that, we could have hired 370 people at a cost of almost $100,000 each.

Skipper thinks Fox could have done far better than hiring a 45-year-old athlete without any prior announcing experience.

Seriously, you could have purchased some live event rights for $375 million, which would actually make a big difference. Other than pride and serving as an ambassador, [Brady] does not significantly affect the outcome of the $37.5 million election.

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Even with A Guaranteed $375 Million Contract, Tom Brady Kept Playing Ball

Tom Brady’s mouthwatering contract with Fox came as a surprise to many fans and observers. They were even more shocked when Brady decided to come out of retirement and play one more season, if not more, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Having won a Super Bowl just a year prior, he could have ended his career on a high note. But he persisted in playing nevertheless, risking everything, and it cost him dearly.

Tom Brady

Things have not gone well for him or the Buccaneers since he decided to come out of retirement. Gisele Bndchen, his 13-year wife, came to the conclusion that their paths and interests were no longer compatible. Brady has had a lackluster on-field record and was also embroiled in a bitcoin issue.

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The Bucs suffered a great deal as a result of TB12’s on-field issues. The Buccaneers are 8-8 and have only made the playoffs because their divisional opponents had worse seasons. The Bucs are playing every game at home, but regular-season results have no bearing on the playoffs. Therefore, this might be their chance to create the greatest comeback tale in history. Will it nevertheless occur?

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