NBA Fans React to 6’7″ Luka Doncic Coughing During a Lopsided Loss to The Celtics by Saying, “Coaching Staff Knows Something’s Up.”

Seasonally, Luka Doncic is excelling. Despite injuries and a thin roster, he is scoring enormous numbers for the Dallas Mavericks and contributing to their success. But the Slovenian has continued to be unbeatable. He is really leading the league in scoring because of his excellent offensive performance.

Considering that Luka is only 23 years old, his growth this season is alarming. However, Doncic, a 6′ 7″ primary point guard, is in serious need of strong defensive and offensive support. Many think the Mavericks are exerting too much pressure on him.

Luka Doncic seemed off during his most recent game against the Celtics. He was seen coughing and grasping at his chest the entire night. It was obvious that the Slovenian felt sick, despite the fact that no illness had been reported. The issue was also discussed with the fans.

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Fans React to Luka Doncic Coughing

In the Game versus Boston, Luka only Saw 31 Minutes of Action. He Scored 23 Points During the Game, but He Had Little Effect. Boston Maintained Control of The Game by Being in Front of Dallas.


NBA supporters used Twitter to figure out what was going on with Luka after the game. Some supporters believed Luka and the Mavs were fabricating his health status. On the other hand, others felt Dallas was pushing Luka too much.

Dallas Mavericks Relying Too Much on Luka?

In fact, the Mavs rely too heavily on Luka. His most recent stats demonstrate the output required of him. Before playing the Celtics, Luka averaged 44.5 points, 11.3 rebounds, and 9.8 assists over his previous 6 games. Additionally, he was playing for more than 40 minutes on average.

Any athlete would be too exhausted by this. It must be difficult for Doncic to be expected to lead his team to victory without much assistance. Hopefully, this is only a little setback and Doncic can recover quickly.

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