Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez Are Likely to Violate Saudi Arabian Law by Cohabiting.

CR7 and Georgina Rodriguez, his longtime girlfriend, are planning to defy Saudi Arabian law and live together there. Although it is against the law in Saudi Arabia for unmarried partners to share a household, Ronaldo and Georgina are unlikely to face any consequences for their relationship.

The 37-year-old has signed with Al-Nassr after a contentious departure from Manchester United, and he is expected to earn £175 million every season in salary.

According to the Spanish news outlet EFE, Ronaldo is unlikely to be punished because of his standing as one of the most marketable players in the world.

According to two different Saudi lawyers, the professionals consulted said they did not anticipate any involvement from the proper authorities in Ronaldo’s case.

The authorities have stopped persecuting people for living together outside of marriage, despite the fact that the law still prohibits it. It goes without saying that problems and crimes necessitate the application of such legislation.

The second person said, “The Saudi Arabian authorities, today, do not interfere in this situation [in the case of foreigners].” However, the law still prohibits cohabitation outside of marriage.

Ronaldo and Rodriguez, who he met in 2016 while both were playing for Real Madrid, are the parents of their children, Bella and Alana.

Cristiano Jr., the twins Eva and Mateo, and another son, are also Ronaldo’s offspring.

Rodriguez and Ronaldo would be breaking Saudi law because they are not married. Because Al Nassr already has too many foreign players on their roster, the much-anticipated debut of Cristiano Ronaldo has been postponed.

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