Mavs Initiated Extension Discussions with Christian Wood – Stein.

The Dallas Mavericks have begun serious negotiations with Christian Wood, who may sign with the team. Marc Stein, an NBA source, claims that negotiations to extend Christian Wood’s contract have “commenced.”

As Stein has stated, the Mavericks would continue to shop the big man around the trade market if they are unable to reach an agreement with Wood.

Wood, Dallas’s top offseason acquisition thanks to GM Nico Harrison, became extension eligible on December 24 of last year. A four-year, $77 million contract with the club is within reach if he can prove his worth.

But ESPN’s Tim MacMahon reports that the Mavs are only interested in offering Wood a two-year deal at around $36 million, so if the two sides can’t come to terms, a trade is likely to occur.

To hear that the Mavs are considering a deal is not shocking. Since Wood is a dwindling asset and will be a free agent in the offseason, the Mavs have little choice but to try to keep him from becoming another Jalen Brunson. The big man will provide them with complimentary elements to help them compete with Luka Doncic.

Now it all comes down to whether or not Wood is prepared to settle for a significantly shorter contract. After two years, with the league’s cap space increasing, he will be in a good position to cash in. He’ll benefit financially from moving to Dallas, where he and Doncic will experience true contention for the first time in his young career.

It is possible that Wood and the Mavs can reach an agreement before the season ends, but at this point, they should know by February 9 whether or not a long-term partnership will be formed.

Divorce should be expected if this is not the case.

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