“Hornets Just Want to Stop Suffering”: Ja Morant’s “Disrespectful” Time-Wasting Trick Split NBA Fans!

The Memphis Grizzlies and Ja Morant have succeeded once more. They have triumphantly emerged from Charlotte. In other words, the Hornets were mercilessly humiliated on their own court. There is little doubt that Michael Jordan wasn’t particularly pleased with his team.

However, throughout the entire game, the Grizzlies were jokingly taunting the Hornets. The game’s most insulting exchange, though, occurred with just 3 minutes, and 40 seconds remaining in the third quarter.

While Charlotte players watched helplessly for more than 20 seconds, Ja Morant left an inbound pass unattended. The most challenging part of the game to watch was this. It can be upsetting to witness a squad being humiliated and educated in this way. The decision divided fans as well.

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Nba Fans Are Divided Over Ja Morant leaving an Inbound Pass Untouched

The viral video of Ja’s most recent move split her supporters into several distinct groups. Some people thought Ja was impolite and cringed at what she did. He was chastised for making this decision by them.

Others, meanwhile, commended Ja Morant for his competitiveness and composure. They were quite impressed with Ja for pulling it off so effortlessly against the Hornets. Additionally, the Steven Adam screen at the conclusion was just a nice touch.

Memphis Grizzlies Continue Their Win Streak

The Grizzlies are currently undefeated with a 4-game winning streak. Ja Morant, who scored over 30 points against the Pelicans and Sacramento Kings, has been a crucial part of their success.

Memphis and the Denver Nuggets are currently tied for first place after their most recent victory over Charlotte. They each had 24 victories and 13 defeats. The top two teams in the West appear to be going to the playoffs without a doubt.

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