“Draymond Green Really Thinks He’s Michael Jordan.” NBA Twitter Roasts ‘Podcaster’ After His ‘i’m Back’ Message!

Unquestionably, Draymond Green is among the NBA’s most intelligent players of the twenty-first century. His basketball IQ as a frontcourt player is on par with that of any floor general, including Chris Paul, Ja Morant, and LeBron James. The Golden State Warriors have benefited from his capacity to anticipate plays on both ends.

In addition to being a seasoned veteran of the NBA, Green is also a very accomplished individual. Due to his contributions to a defense that won four championships in eight years, he has earned the respect of other players in the league.

Therefore, it seems to reason that a person like him would be able to carry off a podcast where he talks about basketball. He started The Draymond Green Show on Colin Cowherd’s network The Volume, but he hasn’t put out a new episode in nearly six months.

It was a very special moment, and I didn’t want to ruin it. In his remarks, Draymond Green mentioned giving Gary Payton II his championship ring.

Draymond Green gets roasted for the way he announced his return

After taking a five-month break from podcasting, Draymond Green simply wrote on Twitter, “I’m back.” He did provide a lot of background information before saying those two words, reiterating his intention to broadcast his own podcast once more.

This was undoubtedly a reference to the day Michael Jordan returned to the Chicago Bulls after his tenure with the Birmingham Barons in 1995 by sending out a fax that said those exact same two sentences. But Twitter didn’t stop harassing the former DPOY. They mock him for attempting to mimic the six-time champion.

Perhaps you should honor the best player of all time on the court rather than for a podcast if you’re going to do so. Jordan’s “I’m back” had more of an effect because it was delivered in isolation. Even though everyone understood what he meant, he didn’t compose a paragraph outlining it before he wrote those two memorable phrases.

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Draymond Green officially Returns to Podcasting

Draymond Green has provided a brief sneak peek of the first episode he will produce after his break. He seemed to be discussing Ja Morant’s “I’m fine in the West” remarks as well as his altercation with Jordan Poole during the previous training camp.

Having Green return to the world of podcasting is, to put it mildly, extremely refreshing. Green has always been open about his experiences in the league and has never shied away from calling a spade a spade.

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