Barcelona Was Fined €800,000 for Violating Fair Play Regulations in The Recruitment of Three Players.

As of late, Barcelona has been hit with three fines from La Liga for infractions of its “fair play” regulations. Sergi Escudero of the daily ARA (via GOAL) reports that the club will be fined €800,000 because of the deals involving three specific players.

Barcelona extended Ronald Araujo’s contract and added Dani Alves and Andreas Christensen to their roster. They utilised their now-famous “economic levers” to obtain these signings and the renewal of their contract, although this has been interpreted as a violation of Fair Play laws.

The Blaugrana have filed an appeal against the penalty with the RFEF UEFA licence second instance committee.

New regulations prohibit clubs from using “economic levers,” such as the sale of assets, to sign or prolong player contracts, and fines for doing so have been increased accordingly in the Spanish League.

According to ARA, the league has decided to limit the amount of money generated through asset sales that can be allocated to such endeavours to 5% of the total.

Unless, of course, the club is launching a brand-new line of business with the proceeds from the sale. The club could certainly put all of that extra cash to good use.

Barcelona’s finances are already struggling, and now they’ll have to deal with the announcement of these fines and regulatory adjustments.

Due to financial difficulties, the club has had to reduce player compensation and other costs. Despite all of this, the team has maintained its competitive edge on the pitch and is presently leading La Liga.

It is unclear how these recent events will affect Barca’s finances or their ability to acquire and keep quality players in the future. By appealing to the RFEF UEFA licence second instance committee, the club may be able to have the penalty reduced or perhaps overturned entirely.

The new regulations on the use of “levers,” on the other hand, are more likely to have a long-term effect on the club’s financial flexibility.

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