Charles Barkley “knowing I’m on The Back 9 of Life,” Discusses Charitable Work in Alabama He Expects to Die Soon!

The NBA has produced a number of superstars who have helped society out financially. Charles Barkley, a former MVP, comes in first on the list of benefactors in the NBA.

In his prime, The Round Mound of Rebound was one of the league’s top players. Chuck stole the hearts of NBA fans with his talent and then as a beloved fool on the Inside the NBA crew after his playing career came to an end.

And as Chuck proved himself to be much more than what the general public believed him to be, there were more and more reasons to love him over time. Barkley turned out to be among the most giving people I’ve ever met. especially in light of his accomplishments in Alabama, Barkley’s own state.

For a record-breaking third time, the Chuckster was included in’s list of Alabamans of the Year in 2022. an achievement that no one else had ever accomplished before. It is quite remarkable to be recognized for your achievements in your home state on three separate occasions.

And according to Barkley, all he wants to do is assist as many people as he can. especially as one gets older and enters what Chuck refers to as the “back nine of life.”

How Did Charles Barkley describe His Philanthropic Ventures and The Emotion Surrounding Them?

Barkley talked openly about his humanitarian endeavors after being named one of the Alabamians of the Year for the third time. Chuck said rather eloquently how it felt to be able to alter lives with the tools at his disposal.

It’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve been fortunate beyond all of my greatest dreams as I mentioned. I never imagined my life would turn out the way it has when I was growing up in Leeds, Alabama. For me, it has been a very incredible adventure. I’m practical. Nearly 60 years old. I am aware that I am in my ninth decade. Speaking about the feelings and inspiration that drive Barkley to continue with his charitable work, he said, “I just want to help as many people as I can along the path.

 Charles Barkley

Charles has made several notable contributions and gifts as well. Barkley gave a $1,000 contribution to each Leeds High School staff in 2021, his alma mater. In addition to gifting 200 computers to the school, Chuck also paid for the internet services used by it.

$60 million in value Additionally, Miles College, Morehouse College, Alabama A&M, and Clark Atlanta University all received $1 million pledges from Barkley. Beyond the items on this list, he has made several contributions to historically Black institutions and universities.

It appears that supporting educational causes is a recurring topic in Chuck’s charitable giving. There is nothing better than creating the foundation for a better tomorrow. Chuck will likely continue to compile such lists going forward because of the extended contract agreement he has with TNT.

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How lucrative is Charles Barkley’s contract with Inside the NBA?

At TNT, Barkley has solidified his position as a mainstay. And an extension was on the horizon after signing a $10 million contract and maintaining his fan base.

Turner Network gave Chuck and his Inside the NBA family a generous prize. Following was a massive 10-year extension, with the total contract value anticipated to be in the neighborhood of $200 million.

One might anticipate that a significant portion of this will go to charity because he is still committed to keeping his pledge to society. And there will undoubtedly be more Alabaman of the Year awards.



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