“Patrick Beverley You the Doctor”: Devin Booker Calls the Lakers Guard a “Basketball Psychiatrist” for His Teams!

One of the most intriguing guys in the NBA right now is Patrick Beverley. Although he isn’t a true superstar, his mindset and personality certainly are.

It is safe to assume Pat Bev has a bit of a mouth, and he has frequently been quoted saying outlandish things. However, he doesn’t just bark and does nothing. He compensates for his offensive shortcomings with defense and a dog-like mindset.

One would assume that someone with such an attitude, personality, and philosophy would have a “nickname” that reflected that. Sadly, he doesn’t, despite participating in nine NBA seasons. Devin Booker, however, might have just given him one.

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Devin Booker has dubbed Patrick Beverley the “Basketball Psychiatrist” of the NBA

One of the most intriguing guys in the NBA right now is without a doubt, Patrick Beverley. The 6’2″ guard is noted for his tough demeanor, trash-talking, and mind games. He has a big mouth.

Devin Booker, the premier player for the Suns, has given Pat Bev a new moniker in light of this. On his podcast, Beverley mentioned how D-Book referred to him as the “Basketball Psychiatrist” one night in Las Vegas.

Patrick Beverley

We are in Vegas. Devin Booker referred to me as a basketball psychiatrist to teams as we stood at the free-throw line. similar to last week. You’re basically a psychiatrist to every squad, he says. I’m not surprised that you consistently make the playoffs. The psychiatrist is you. The doctor is you.

Psychiatrist for basketball. The NBA has given Pat Bev a new moniker, and it’s a good one. It isn’t, nevertheless, the first in his career.

Pat Bev Is Also Referred To As Mr. 94 Feet by His Peers

Patrick Beverley has undoubtedly received a humorous moniker from Devin Booker. It isn’t, however, the first of his career. Because of his defense and ball-hawking skills, Beverley is also known as Mr. 94 Feet. However, it’s not as well-known as, for example, the Point God.

Beverley will be delighted with his two names, for sure. After all, they perfectly capture his personality and playing style.

I’ll chase Chris Paul until my f*cking bones, too Patrick Beverley pledges to the Point God that he won’t give up until one of them retires in the song


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