“LeBron James Brings Guys Together,” when A Former Michael Jordan Coach Pointed out The Most Important Difference Between the Two Greats!

LeBron James is already regarded as a legend. He was elected to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot and changed the way basketball was played.

He is frequently featured in the GOAT discussion due to his four NBA Championships, four MVPs, four Final MVPs, and numerous All-NBA and All-Star team selections. Who is his principal rival? Nobody else but Michael Jordan.

The two individuals are frequently contrasted, and many people question which one will be remembered as the greatest. Doug Collins, MJ’s former coach, feels that due to their different play styles, the two cannot be compared.

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Doug Collins appreciates Michael Jordan’s selfishness over LeBron James and his ability to bring guys together

In the NBA Finals of 2013, LeBron James and the Miami Heat played against the San Antonio Spurs. It was a challenging match, and the King struggled briefly.

Many people started discussing LeBron’s greatness after the Cavaliers’ loss to the Spurs. in particular in contrast to Michael Jordan. Doug Collins, Jordan’s former coach, makes a comparison between the two on the Mike & Mike Show.

He particularly admired MJ’s capacity to rely only on himself to secure victories. This contrasts with LeBron, who, according to Collins, relied on uniting his teammates.

“As I’ve said before, they’re different personalities. Kobe is more like Michael. Kobe is gonna throw up 45 shots and not care, that’s more of his personality. LeBron is more of a guy that brings guys together kind of thing. Michael’s big thing, ‘You don’t have it going. I’ve given you your chance. I’m going to win this game. We’re gonna win this game.’”

A fair assessment from Collins at the time. However, he would soon regret it as James and the Heat made a hard-earned comeback.

LeBron and the Miami Heat came back from being 3-2 down to win the Finals 4-3

Following a 2-1 series deficit for the Miami Heat, Doug Collins made his remarks. This situation worsened throughout the Finals, reaching 3-2, which meant the Spurs were only one game away from a championship.

However, LeBron James’ ability to locate the best open player resulted in the legendary Ray Allen moment, which sparked an unexpected comeback and gave Miami its second NBA Finals victory in three years.

The victory was the King’s second title triumph. After his prior Finals failures, this effectively returned him to the GOAT discussion with MJ.



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