La Melo Ball Once Quit Australian Basketball Because of A $24,000 Horse He Named After Himself!

LaMelo Ball has been accustomed to the spotlight since he was a high school freshman. He shared the starting point guard position at Chino Hills with his brothers Liangelo and Lonzo, the latter of whom plays for the Chicago Bulls. Lavar Ball, their father, was the one who brought them to the notice of the public.

Melo is therefore not a person who is unfamiliar with receiving a lot of attention. Not to add that every time his family begins filming their reality TV show Ball in the Family, his life is on full display for the entire world to see.

Of course, celebrity and wealth go hand in hand. Ball’s current contract is on the rookie scale, but given how he’s been performing, the Charlotte Hornets will most likely max it out. Melo’s expensive purchases, however, show that the Ball family was pretty wealthy given how he lived before entering the NBA.

As the owner of a $1.7 billion team escalates after Ja Morant’s Grizzlies played on Christmas, Michael Jordan’s failure is highlighted.

LaMelo Ball bought a horse for $24,000

LaMelo Ball decided against attending college like his two older brothers and instead packed his bags to play basketball in the Australian Basketball League with the Illawarra Hawks. He would finally stop playing after going all out for a few months to get ready for the 2020 NBA Draft.

He eventually exited the league after not suiting up for the Hawks for a while. One of the main causes of this was the fact that he had recently spent a staggering $24,000 on a horse. Even more intriguing is the fact that he gave this horse the all-caps moniker LAMELO.

Whether he purchased the horse with the intention of riding it or simply keeping it as an animal of his own, $24,000 is an absurd sum of money. Is it really a big concern, though, if you’re expected to go in the top three of the NBA Draft?

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 La Melo Ball has Been Playing Good Basketball Since Returning

LaMelo Ball has established himself as the Charlotte Hornets’ lone shining star now that he is fully recovered from his ankle injury. This season, they were predicted to be a play-in squad, but it appears they’ve gone over the edge and locked themselves into the Wembley competition.

LaMelo Ball

Ball has averaged 23.3 points per game on 38% three-point shooting while dishing out 8 assists per game in the few games he has played this year. Because of the Hornets’ record, he won’t typically be an All-Star, but he plays like one most nights.



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