Jerry Reinsdorf Has Said that Michael Jordan Did Not Have Anything to Do with The Scottie Pippen-Tracy Mc Grady Deal!

Before Scottie Pippen was selected first overall by the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan had never advanced past the first round of the playoffs. But with Pippen by his side, Jordan felt as though he had discovered the ideal teammate. They would overcome the Detroit Pistons in the 1991 ECF together, and they would never look back.

Two of the best perimeter defenders in the history of the sport, who also happened to be exceptional offensive players in their own right, dominated the 1990s. In six attempts, the Bulls won six championships, with Jordan earning MVP honors each season.

Their most recent championship, which they won at the expense of the Utah Jazz, who they faced in the 1997 Finals, was won under a great deal of controversy. Although Pippen had his own troubles with the team, notably with Jerry Krause, Michael was fully committed to contending for championships until they were deposed.

Jerry Reinsdorf

At the start of the 1997–98 NBA season, Pippen was sick of his bad contract. He was well aware of his merit and was assured of it. He would later miss a number of games at the beginning of the season, but even before that, none other than Krause nearly sent him away in a package from Chicago.

Around the time of the 1997 Draft, rumors circulated that the Celtics wanted to trade their third and sixth overall picks for Scottie Pippen outright. They could do this to get ready for a time without Jordan while also continuing to compete for titles, although at a lower level.

In the end, this deal never materialized, and Scottie stayed a Bull. The legend around this situation has it that Michael Jordan directly spoke with Bulls management to inform them that he would not play for them if Scottie was traded away. This is untrue, it turns out.

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Jerry Reinsdorf on Michael Jordan never being involved with the Pippen-McGrady dealings

The Bulls’ owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, has come forth to categorically reject all that was said above. He claimed that Jordan never contacted him or management about this alleged transaction and that he and Krause were the ones to make the call.

Michael Jordan was never heard from again about it. Reinsdorf added, “If Krause heard anything from him, he would have had to let me know about it. He carefully considered what the supporters would have desired, which is why he objected to the transfer. He came to the conclusion that the transaction was dissolved because supporters would want them to pursue a sixth championship.



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