“I’ll Chase Chris Paul until My F*cking Bones Pop”: Patrick Beverley Promises “point God” that He Won’t Stop until One of Them Retires!

Chris Paul may have had a legendary career as a basketball player—many refer to him as the God of the Point Position—and he has numerous personal records to prove it. However, the 12-time All-Star isn’t as well-respected in the league as other game luminaries.

His in-game theatrics, which frequently involves flopping and aggressive play when things aren’t going his way, has a lot to do with it. Patrick Beverley is one of his biggest detractors in the NBA.

The Lakers guard has long been open about how much he despises the Suns’ potential First Ballot Hall of Fame inductee. When Paul and Phoenix failed to go past the first round of the 2022 Playoffs, the man spoke extensively about his belief that CP3 is extremely overrated.

However, what Pat Bev recently said goes beyond his prior distaste for the player who currently holds the top three assists in history.

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Patrick Beverley Challenges to Hound Chris Paul until One of Them Retires

The former Timberwolves guard recently made a cameo on comedian Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls where he discussed his feelings for the Point God (Bev really did the air quotes) and provided an odd response to Hart’s query regarding their connection.

No connection, Beverley declared. Obviously! He is in a situation where God requires mutual respect. It’s smoke every time I see Chris Paul. But that results from everything he has accomplished and from his basketball career’s success. But if I’m picking you up full-court, is it the preseason? Hell yeah. I’ll pursue you from this point forward until either you or I retire, or until my f*cking bones pop out of my f*cking knees. Each and every time. And it continues till we finish.

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Can Beverley pick CP3 up full-court all game? 7 games?

Perhaps he can. The man works to pay for his defense. Regardless of how effective a defender Beverley is, we have all observed his propensity for speaking much without being able to support it. It’s on him that he is not that good, despite the fact that he doesn’t even get as many opportunities on the offensive side of the ball to influence the game.

Chris Paul

Paul, on the other hand, is as productive as a rookie guard in the NBA at 37 years old and in his 18th season of play. With the way Beverley and his Lakers have been playing this season, he might not even make it to the Playoffs given his tendency to change during those games.

Let’s hope this game appears in the 2023 Playoffs. Beverley might gain the respect he merits from the basketball community if he acts in accordance with his words.


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