Charles Barkley Disclosed that The Dream Team Was Threatened with Death and That Men Armed with Uzis Defended the Team in Barcelona!

Charles Barkley was a fantastic athlete. He made his debut in 1986, and by 1992, he was a seasoned warrior who had engaged in a great deal of high-stakes combat. Even though he was leaving the Philadelphia 76ers, he was going in a better direction.

Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan were among the athletes chosen to play with Barkley in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Since the prohibition, there had not previously been any NBA players participating in the Olympics.

When Team USA landed in Barcelona, they were treated like rock stars. Jordan, Bird, and Magic were extremely well-known. They had international renown. Charles Barkley was still a wildly popular athlete, much like all the other members of the Dream Team, despite not being on the same level as them.

Their popularity, meanwhile, attracted the wrong kind of attention. the kind that necessitates hiring numerous armed guards.

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Charles Barkley Revealed the Threats Against the Dream Team

The Dream squad did receive death threats in Barcelona, according to the 1992 Dream Team fact file from Fox Sports. Threats of this kind were taken very seriously.

The Dream Team chose to remain outside of the Olympic village in a posh hotel with $900 rooms in order to ensure their safety. There were several men with Uzis guarding them. Charles Barkley explained how he was able to locate so many of these guards outside the hotel.

Chuck: “ In our hotel, you had to have a picture ID to get in there and we went to the pool on the roof of the hotel, there was like 10 guys standing around with Uzis, Barkley said. So it was kind of funny, it was like: girl in bikini; dude with an Uzi; girl in bikini; guy with Uzi. People thought we didn t want to stay in the Olympic Village because we wanted to be big shots but it was because we were getting death threats. They had told us this would be considered great by one of these terrorist groups if they could take out the Dream Team.

Chuck Broke the Curfew

The Dream Team was prohibited from leaving their accommodation at the Hotel Ambassador in Barcelona for obvious reasons. While everyone gambled and drank together within the hotel for the first few days, Chuck quickly became weary of the routine.

To combat cabin fever, he made the decision to leave the room. Barkley consequently walked about Barcelona’s streets surrounded by throngs of fans.

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We Were Getting Death Threats: Charles Barkley Explained How Men with Uzis Safeguarded the Dream Team in Barcelona from Terrorists

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