Who Is Hugh Edmeades, The IPL’s Auctioneer for 2023?

Hugh Edmeades typically uses a gavel made of hardwood when conducting auctions. For the auctions in the Indian Premier League, though, the British official uses a specialized brass gavel.

Since the 2018 edition, he’s been utilizing it. On Friday, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Kochi, Edmeades will once again use the special brass gavel to initiate the beginning of the IPL mini-auction.

Experienced auctioneer arrived in Kochi early Wednesday after arduous travel from London through Dubai. Bringing the brass gavel all the way from London was a “completely new experience” for Edmeades.

At Heathrow, they wouldn’t let me bring it on the plane in my carry-on, so I had to check it. From his hotel in Kochi, Edmeades spoke with Sportstar about the incident. “I mentioned to them that the people of India wouldn’t be happy if they didn’t see the old gavel, and thankfully it is with me today,” he said.

They take it for a tool or a hammer because of its brass construction. I tried explaining to the TSA agents that it was a gavel, but they still wouldn’t let me have it with me. They insisted it was a hammer and told me they wouldn’t let me bring it on as carry-on,” Edmeades alleged.

Edmeades opened his suitcase as soon as he got to Kochi to make sure the gavel made it through the long flight and layover in Dubai without any damage. I’m relieved that it arrived unscathed and is now safely in my possession.

Following Richard Madley’s retirement in 2018, the IPL auction has been hosted by Edmeades. On the first day of the mega-auction in Bengaluru this February, he collapsed on the floor of the ballroom at the ITC Gardenia hotel due to “postural hypotension.”

Who is Hugh Edmeades, IPL auctioneer for 2023 edition

The officers of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) asked Charu Sharma to stand in for Edmeades while the medical team attended to him.

The franchisees and BCCI officials cheered wildly as Edmeades returned to lead the final round of the auction. Concerns were raised, however, as to whether or not the Board would retain him as auctioneer. However, the Indian cricket board has opted to keep Edmeades on, and he is eager to get back to work.

Edmeades had informed this outlet that he was “dumb” for not eating during the auctions the last time around and that this may have contributed to his low blood pressure. This time, he’s trying to tread more lightly. I really need to watch what I eat and drink this time,” he stated.

I wish I had been more cautious the last time around. Quarantine lasted for around five days after I arrived in Bengaluru, during which time I should have exercised in my hotel room. I didn’t eat on schedule because I wasn’t hungry. What I did was incredibly foolish,” he admitted. Since then, there have been no further incidents, and I’m eager to host yet another thrilling auction.

Edmeades, a former employee of the illustrious Christie’s for 38 years until striking out on his own in 2016, is now a fine art, classic automobile, and charity auctioneer.

In December of 2018, Edmeades had never been to India before, so his trip to Jaipur for the IPL auction was an entirely novel experience.

It was his first time working with Indian cricket, despite the fact that he had already presided over more than 2,500 auctions around the world. However, during the past four years, he has grown to love both country and sport.

From the initial 991 players that enrolled, only 405 will be included in the auction, leaving 87 spots for the 10 teams to fill. Thirty of them will be from other countries. There are going to be 273 Indians and 132 foreigners (including 4 from Associate countries). Only 119 players have earned national team caps, while the remaining 286 have yet to do so.

Unpredictability in bidding is one of the best parts of the IPL. The first phase of the auction will determine how quickly the 87 available spots are snatched up before the bidding speeds up. Edmeades hoped that the high costs for our brand names would reflect their quality. Edmeades hopes to have a successful fifth IPL auction.

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