Why Did There Not Exist a World Cup in 1942 or 1946?

Ever since its inception in 1930, the FIFA World Cup has been held every four years. Perhaps it has, though. There were no recognized tournaments between Italy’s victory in 1938 and Uruguay’s victory in 1950. It’s true that there was once a 12-year stretch with no World Cup competition.

Why did it take so long? Can you please tell me whether there was another football competition that I missed? In 1942 and 1946, the World Cup was won by… There are explanations at hand.

The 1938 World Cup Aftermath

With ease, Italy repeated as World Cup champions in 1938 by defeating Hungary 4-2 in the final. In 1942, South America would host the following tournament. Unfortunately, that wasn’t how things worked out.

The 1942 World Cup

Although official records indicate that no team won the World Cup in 1942, this omission does not tell the full story. In 1942, Nazi Germany and Brazil were both potential host countries for the FIFA World Cup.

why fifa not recognised 1942 world cup

Since Europe had already hosted the previous two World Cups (1934 in Italy and 1938 in France), the South Americans were incensed that Germany was even considered. The first tournament was held in Uruguay in 1930, and subsequent tournaments were meant to switch locations between Europe and South America.

By the time European hostilities erupted in September 1939, after German troops invaded Poland, FIFA still hadn’t decided between Germany and Brazil. A new global conflict had begun. This resulted in the decision to scrap preparations for and play at the 1942 World Cup.

An Unofficial 1942 World Cup Was Held in Patagonia, Argentina

Many Historians Have Pondered the Question of Whether or Not an Unofficial World Cup Was Played in 1942; Two Possibilities Have Been Put Forth: One from Argentina and One from Nazi Germany. in 1942, Patagonia, Argentina Played Host to An Unauthorised Global Football Competition.

There Were a Total of 12 Squads. Fans of The Beautiful Game Who Also Appreciate Its History Will Be Disappointed to Learn that This Tournament Is Barely Mentioned in Books and Is Barely Even Mentioned Online.

why fifa not recognised 1942 world cup

Professional Footballers and Immigrants from All Over the World Formed the Teams Competing in This Event in Argentina. Some Acrobats, Exiled Revolutionaries, Nazi Soldiers, and Local Labourers May Have Participated in The Event, Though Details Are Vague at Best.

This “lost World Cup” Was the Subject of A Film Directed by Lorenzo Garzella and Filippo Macelloni and A Book Written by Daniele Mazzocca and Pier Andrea Nocella.

No One Knows for Sure Who Triumphed in The Unofficial World Cup in Argentina. Another View Emerged in Germany.

The 1946 World Cup

Talk of Recreating the World Cup Began After the War Ended in 1945. but There Was No Way to Organise the Tournament in A Year, as The Next One Was Scheduled for 1946. as A Result, There Was No World Cup in 1946; Instead, It Was Determined That The Next Event Would Be Held in Brazil in 1949.

why fifa not recognised 1942 world cup

After It Was Pointed out That Breaking the Tournament’s Every Four-Year Streak Was Ludicrous, the Rational Choice Was Made to Move the Event to 1950. in 1950, the Event Would Be Held in Brazil.

On February 10th, 1946, Argentina Won the South American Championship with A 2-0 Victory Over Brazil. Many people in South America Regard This Encounter as The Real World Cup Final, and As a result, Argentina Is Often Credited as The Real Winner in 1946. It Was Not Approved by Fifa.

The Return of The World Cup in 1950

Consequently, Brazil Was the Hero of The World Cup, and Barassi Was the Hero of Keeping the Trophy Secure. Brazil Is the Only Country That Has Expressed Interest in Hosting the World Cup in The Near Future.

During that Time Period, German Teams Were Likewise Barred From participating. At long last, Brazil was selected to host the World Cup. The World Cup Final was eliminated and replaced with a league to determine the champions.

Historically, Uruguay won their second World Cup with a 2-1 victory over Brazil at the Maracana Stadium. After a 16-year absence, the World Cup returned to Europe in 1954 (hosted by Switzerland), when West Germany defeated Hungary 3-2 in the championship game.

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