Adidas Shows Off the Official Ball for The FIFA World Cup Finals.

In preparation for the semifinals and final of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Adidas unveiled “Al Hilm,” the Official Match Ball.

Following the Official Match Ball for the preliminary round, Al Rihla, which means “The Journey,” comes Al Hilm, which means “The Dream” in Arabic.

Each ball uses the same cutting-edge technology that allows for the fastest possible game speeds and the fastest average speed of flight in World Cup history.

For such a momentous event as the FIFA World Cup finals, Al Hilm is unveiled with a special graphic style.

Inspired by the glittering deserts that surround the city, the color of the FIFA World Cup trophy, and the pattern of the Qatar flag, the design is set on a textured gold base color that displays a subtle triangle pattern.

The graphic’s bold red accents are meant to represent both the generative architecture of Qatar and the country’s flag.

Adidas Shows Off the Official Ball for The FIFA World Cup Finals.

The term “Al Hilm,” which translates to “The Dream,” is perfectly encapsulated by the Lusail Stadium Final’s match ball. The crimson sky at dusk, when the desert sand is illuminated by the setting sun, is a time when dreams can come true.

“Al Hilm is a shining example of how football can unite people from all over the world. The game’s popularity will bring together millions of people from all around the world to watch it online.

We hope all the teams in the finals of the tournament have a great time competing on the biggest stage that football has to offer “Nick Craggs, Adidas’ General Manager for Football, made this statement.

To help referees make quicker and more accurate decisions during this World Cup, Adidas implemented their groundbreaking ‘Connected Ball’ technology in both the Al Rihla and Al Hilm balls.

The environmental impact of the ball’s production was taken into account during its design; water-based inks and glues were used for the first time in the World Cup’s semi-finals and finals, and every component was carefully considered.

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