A Second Journalist Covering the Fifa World Cup Has Tragically Passed Away.

Another journalist has reportedly died during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, just 48 hours after the death of US football writer and LGBTQIA+ ally Grant Wahl.

On December 10, Al Kass TV photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam reportedly died unexpectedly while covering the World Cup in Qatar, a country that has repeatedly come under fire for its conservative stance on issues such as LGBTQIA+ rights. This was reported by The Gulf Times and several other media outlets.

I do not believe my brother merely died. I believe he was killed. And I just plead for any help,” Eric Wahl wrote on his now-deleted Instagram account, alleging foul play in his brother Wahl’s death.

No such claims have been made regarding al-passing, Misslam’s and so far only The Gulf Times has expressed sympathy for his loved ones on social media.

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