Cristiano Ronaldo Set Another Record that Will Go Down in History.

Ronaldo, the greatest athlete in the world and Instagram’s most sought-after celebrity, has broken another record. Since the inception of FIFA, he had approximately 500 million Instagram followers at the commencement of the World Cup, but this number has climbed to approximately 13 million by the middle of the World Cup.

He is the first person in history to accomplish this feat. Ronaldo is a prominent celebrity who frequently makes the news, and the world is amazed by his popularity.

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is the first athlete to amass 513 million Instagram followers. Portuguese mythology is currently followed by about 6 percent of the world’s population.

Ronaldo’s fame surpasses that of other sports personalities such as Lionel Messi (376 million followers), Virat Kohli (224 million followers), Neymar (182 million followers), and LeBron James (181 million followers) (with 137 million followers).

Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes First to Reach 513 Million Followers on Instagram

In addition to this enormous following on Instagram, Ronaldo has over 105 million followers on the microblogging network Twitter and 154 million followers on Facebook.

This past weekend, a freshly launched Louis Vuitton advertisement appeared to break the internet, despite all of Ronaldo and Messi’s accomplishments. On Saturday, prior to this year’s World Cup, each participant posted a portrait taken by Annie Leibovitz for the French luxury brand.

In the photograph, the two international celebrities can be seen playing chess atop LV-branded suitcases. Since then, the advertisement has gone viral, garnering 38 million likes on Ronaldo’s Facebook alone. The photograph of Messi currently has more than 29 million likes. However, it remains unknown who won the match.

Louis Vuitton captioned their post, “In addition to a long legacy of making trunks for the world’s most valuable sporting prizes, the Maison honors two of the most outstanding football players of today.

” Antoine Arnault, head of communications and image at LVMH, also commented on the historic moment and published the photo to his grid, stating that the project has been in the works for fifteen years. “Two legends. Two kings. Two idols. Two extraordinary destinies,” he wrote.

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