Neymar Matches Pelé’s Record, But Brazil Loses Again at The World Cup!

Pelé posted a wholesome message to Neymar on social media after Brazil forward matched his international goal-scoring record with his strike against Croatia

I saw you grow, I cheered for you every day, and finally, I can congratulate you for equaling my number of goals with the Brazilian national team. We both know this is so much more than a number. Our greatest duty as athletes is to inspire.

To inspire our professional colleagues of today, and the next generations, and, above all, to inspire everyone who loves our sport.

Unfortunately, the day is not the happiest for us, but you will always be the source of inspiration that many aspire to become. I’ve learned that the more time passes, the more our legacy grows.

Neymar matches Pelé's record, but Brazil loses again at the World Cup!

My record was set almost 50 years ago, and no one has been able to approach it until now. You made it, boy. It values ​​the greatness of your achievement, @neymarjr.

However, you know, as I do, that no number is greater than the joy of representing our country. I’m 82 years old, and after all this time, I hope I’ve inspired you in some way to get this far. More than that, I hope that your achievement spreads to the millions of people who follow you to challenge what seems impossible.

His legacy is far from over. Keep inspiring us. I will continue punching the air with happiness with every goal you score, as I have done in every game I’ve seen you on the pitch


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