FIFA World Cup 2022: This Stadium Is Constructed Using 974 Shipping Containers

There were numerous firsts at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The event is being hosted for the first time in the Middle East and is also being played in the northern hemisphere during the winter. The Gulf nation has constructed eight stadiums of the highest calibre to host the 2022 edition only for the second time in Asia after Japan and South Korea jointly hosted the event back in 2002.

One of the stadiums constructed for the competition has an intriguing feature that it is made entirely of repurposed shipping containers. The stadium’s name, “974”, refers to the precise number of reused shipping containers that were utilised to construct the facility and to represent Qatar’s international dialling code which is 974.

Stadium 974 is the first totally modular stadium in World Cup history. The Doha stadium, which can accommodate 40,000 people and is designed as a port-side structure, was built in part with recycled materials, including steel and shipping containers, claim the organisers.

Aerial view of Stadium 974

The stadium can be completely disassembled, according to the organisers, and even shipped to other nations that require it. Numerous specialists, both inside and outside of the nation, have lauded the stadium’s infrastructure architecture. The success of the design, they added, could only be evaluated post the competition.


Due to its proximity to Hamad International Airport, Stadium 974 will be the first stadium football fans see when they arrive in Qatar for the event. It is also the only stadium that is situated close to the sea.

This is one of eight stadiums in Qatar that will host the World Cup, and given its portability, it might avoid the unfortunate fate of other stadiums.

It will host a total of seven matches in the tournament, the last one which will be played on December 5th.


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